EOD UK Equipment & Products

Bespoke Equipment Packages
from EOD UK

Designed by the user, for the user.

CK 1 Ceramic EOD Knife

The CK 1 Ceramic knife from EOD UK is an essential pocket tool for all aspects of EOD, Counter IED and Search operations.      

Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel

EOD UK Ltd is an authorised distributer for the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reels. These stackable and lightweight reels are ideal for use by CIED & EOD operations.

CIED/EOD Operators Tool Kit

The CIED/EOD operator’s toolkit has been developed with the collaboration of active service operators to provide a kit that is fit for purpose for the various phases of a task.

Detonation Technology Products

EOD UK Ltd is an authorised distributor of innovative EOD and CIED tools from Detonation Technology in the USA and incorporate some of their tools in our ranges.

BB-75 10J exploder

The EOD UK BB-75 Exploder is a compact high-energy capacitive discharge blasting machine capable of initiating a minimum of 75 electric detonators (tested through 340 ohms).

XP-SH Contraband Detector

This is a small handheld density meter for use by search trained personnel to help locate contraband hidden in voids such as car panels, vehicle tyres, fabric of buildings etc

Lightweight Perimeter Marking Kit

The Lightweight Perimeter Marking Kit is designed as a temporary solution to rapidly mark minefields and other hazardous areas.

Inert Products from EOD UK

Extremely durable, highly realistic inert training aids to help train personnel to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the threat from IED and UXO.

Hook and Line Reel

The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel has been designed for use by EOD Operators across the full spectrum of military, law enforcement, NGO and commercial operations.

Fuze & Tube Cutters

The EOD UK Large fuze and cord cutter is a low-cost tool designed for precision, accuracy, ease of use.