Evolution Series Equipment & Products

Bespoke Equipment Packages
from our Evolution Series

Designed by the user, for the user.

Pin Markers – Reusable

The Evolution Reusable Pin Markers have been developed for all users operating in a high threat environment to give them a simple and effective individual dismounted marking solution.   

Evolution CMP 2 Compact Mine Prodder

CMP 2 is a patented product that provides the user with the capabilities of a standard mine prodder with the added benefit that all the components are stored within the handle.

Evolution ETK 1 Search Tool Kit

The Evolution ETK 1 Search Tool Kit from EOD UK Ltd is the base module in our range of tool kits designed for use by CIED, EOD & Search operators.

Evolution Ceramic Blades

Compatible with all common “box cutter or Stanley” utility knives. They are super sharp and long lasting, will cut Kevlar, Aramid, fibre optic cable and other difficult to cut materials.

Personal Dismounted Marking System

The Evolution PDMS is designed for individual or team use to enable the marking of safe routes, mines, boobytraps, IEDs, UXO and other obstacles.

Personal Minefield Extraction Kit

Evolution Personal Minefield Extraction Kit (PMEK) contains the necessary equipment to allow the user to conduct an emergency extraction from a minefield day or night.

Evolution folding mirror

This is a lightweight compact search mirror for use in search and CIED operations, it has an integral penlight, extending handle and both mirror & handle fold together for storage.

Evolution Firing Cables

EOD UK supplies 3 variants of firing cables to suit all needs from demining to dismounted/light scale CIED operations. We supply cables on our Cordwheel, Packreel and compact reels.

Evolution Exploder

The lightweight robust exploders are a low cost firing system suitable for most users who require a safe, simple but reliable exploder.

EOD UK Evolution DO 2000 Ohmmeter

The DO 2000 uses a surface mount technology package for all electronic functions. 3.5 and 4.5 digit displays are available. Backlit is available on 4.5 digit displays only.

Evolution Personalised Bespoke Kits

At EOD UK Ltd we understand that many EOD operators will have their own equipment needs suited to how and where they are operating.

Evolution CTK2 Ceramic Tool Kit

A tool kit with a range of ceramic non-conductive tools, primary for use in Counter IED and ERW operations by specialist operators.