OpR8r System Equipment & Products

Bespoke Equipment Packages
from the OpR8r System

Designed by the user, for the user.

Compact Hook & Line kit

The OpR8r Compact Hook and Line Kit is suitable for use by dismounted or light scale C-IED and Search Teams. It allows the operator to conduct rapid, basic semi-remote procedures. 

Deminers Hook and Line Kit 2 (DMHL 2)

OpR8r Deminers Hook and Line Kit 2 is a compact, lightweight kit for the Deminer to conduct basic semi-remote techniques in both rural and urban areas.

EOD Backpack System

The OpR8r EOD Backpack System provides the EOD operator with the tools and equipment required to conduct a range of dismounted EOD tasks.

Comprehensive Hook and Line Kit

The OpR8r Comprehensive Hook and Line Kit contains the tools and ancillaries to conduct standard semi-remote techniques in most environments.

X-Lite Mini Remote Light Source

The OpR8r X-Lite Mini Remote Light Source is a compact lightweight system designed for dismounted or light scale operations.

DCU510 detonator carrier unit

The DCU510 reduces the UN Hazard Classification and compatibility group from 1.1B to 1.4S*, improving safety when storing and transporting electric and non-electric detonators.

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