Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel


EOD UK Ltd is an authorised distributer for the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reels. These stackable and lightweight reels are ideal for use by CIED & EOD operations. The reels can be utilised to store and deploy firing cables, hook and line pulling cables & shock tube etc.


The cordwheel is available in black or green, it can hold 250m of standard “black & tan” demolition firing cable or 100m of 5mm rope for hook and line.


  • Weight (empty) – 785 grams
  • Reel diameter – 35.6cm
  • Reel width – 10.9cm
  • Material – UV stabilised Polypropylene, chemical resistant
    & fire retardant 

Pack Reel:

The Pack reel is ideal for dismounted operations due to its compact size and weight, the Pack Reel is available in black or tan colour. The Pack Reel can hold 75m of standard “black and tan” demolition firing cable, 100m of lightweight 0.5mm demolition firing cable or 110m of 3mm dia rope for hook and line applications. The Pack Reel is standard with the EOD UK range of lightweight hook and line kits.



  • Weight (empty) – 375 grams
  • Reel diameter – 230 mm
  • Reel width – 60 mm
  • Material – UV stabilised impact Polypropylene copolymer (PPC)
    & ABS 

Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel

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