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EOD UK Training

EOD UK provides comprehensive training packages to suit our clients’ needs. EOD UK will design and deliver bespoke training courses at the clients’ location or EOD UK can utilise modern training facilities in the UK.

All of our instructors are retired military/police officers who have a wealth of operational experience. EOD UK only employs instructors with qualifications from renowned centres of excellence such as the UK Defence Explosives, Munitions and Search School or the US Naval School, Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Through our partner companies EOD UK can offer recognised qualifications such as NVQs.

Whether the need is for a single day of threat awareness training or a 12 week EOD operator course EOD UK has the experience and expertise to meet your particular requirements.

Course design is based on the proven Systems Approach to Training utilizing a design map that encompasses all aspects of training design, including the development of the project plan, conducting a needs analysis, determining the course objectives and module outlines; development of the instructional strategy, validation and evaluation.

Case Study – Mine Risk Education (MRE)

 EOD UK Ltd were contacted by a training provider to review their training materials and lecture content used in the delivery of a Mine Risk Education (MRE) module which formed part of the company’s Hazardous Environment Training (HET) courses delivered to NGO’s and UK government agencies.

EOD UK Ltd visited the company’s training venue in south east England to gather information and access how MRE was being delivered and how it could be improved. EOD UK then worked with the client and using the Systems Approach to Training re-wrote the training material, designed and installed a realistic training lane for MRW. An EOD UK trainer then delivered the new training module to the next HET course shadowed by instructors from the client company so they could competently deliver the ERW training module for future courses.

EOD UK is retained by the company to periodically review course content to ensure it is kept relevant and up to date.

EOD Training Course / CIED Detector Training in Northern Iraq

EOD UK Ltd was contracted by a leading supplier to the United Nations to design and deliver a training course on a CIED detector. The course was conducted at a UN location in Erbil, Norther Iraq.

EOD UK Ltd liaised with the equipment manufacturer, supplier and the UN to conduct a Training Needs Analysis, write a course programme and produce student notes. EOD UK then deployed a Subject Matter Expert to deliver the course in Erbil.


EOD UK Ltd provides a range of courses each course is designed to fulfil the specific needs of the customer. We utilise a Systems Approach to Training when we design a course.


EOD UK Ltd is pleased to be able to supply training posters for use in recognition and threat training. The posters are drawn by Mr Bob Gravett an EOD operator who has been active in the NGO and commercial demining sector since 1990.


EOD UK Ltd was approached by a NATO country to design a course to fill a capability gap between Assault IED and High Assurance Search in order to support special forces and law enforcement operations.